Welcome to L.F. Builders Limited. I founded the company around 20 years ago with the motivation to provide quality building services in my local area.

guarantee-sealI am proud of the fact that I have built a company that approaches every job with the same care and attention regardless of the size of the task at hand. Whether you are looking for a new conservatory, a new driveway, or even just want some general building work done, my team and I are confident that we can do it all to the highest standard. We will consider any type of building work and are happy to provide a quote.

You will get 100% quality in all aspects of the job from us. That is my personal guarantee. Unlike many other building firms, when we take a job on, we fully commit to it. We are there until the job is finished. Furthermore, we will not leave your project at anytime to work on another. We pride ourselves on being completely reliable and we show full commitment to every project we undertake.

hard hatPlease feel free to browse the website where you will find examples of work we have undertaken for previous clients in our portfolio. If you go to our services page you will see details of all types of work we are able to provide.

If you visit our client testimonial page you will see the feedback we have received from some of our clients. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always available on my mobile or you can send an email to enquiries@lfbuilders.co.ukĀ  If you want to give a more detailed description of what you require then you may want to complete our contact form and we will respond to your request.

We are here to help you build your dream.

Lee Fisher

Founder of ‘L.F Builders Ltd’

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